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Re: an improvability of command "imgmount"

Hi guys, I suppose this patch is implemented is the current CVS version of Dosbox? If so, would you please explain the exact syntax to use multiple images, and share information about the hotkey for swapping the mounted images? I cannot get it to work (trying it with The 7th Guest to no avail)... …

Booter games compatibility overview

Hi everybody, I've been testing a lot of booter games from Retrograde Station https://web.archive.org/web/20090206231858/http://retrograde.trustno1.org/index2.htm the last couple of days, and thought it might be usefull to let the DosBox developers know where the most important remaining problems …

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

Hi guys, I noticed that the alt-tabbing issue is related to sdl.dll, at least, for me. When I replaced the dll from may 7th with the dll from oktober 2004 (the one that goes with 0.63), the problems went away. Can anybody confirm this?! Regards, Ronald

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

Strange, works for me on WinXP Pro. I noticed, however, that the mousecursor in the CVS build by cvscompile.aep-emu.de is not hidden while running Epic Pinball, while 0.63 hides the mouse as long as it is not being moved. Regards, Ronald

Great interview!

I just saw the interview on Abandonia, great stuff! Wow, dat was vast een lekkere dikke koe, dat je er een echte dos game machine van kon kopen 😉 Keep up the good work QBix and Harekiet! Regards, Ronald

Re: Space War

Hi guys, Sorry MiniMax, but I believe razblow is right in that Dosbox incorrectly displays the game, no matter what setting. I believe it has to do with the 2-colour cga mode that the game uses (wasn't that "SCREEN 2" in gwbasic?). It isn't implemented yet (in dosbox 0.63) but there seems to be a …

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