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Re: Semi OT: Adlib emulation

in PC Emulation
Maybe PC section was the right one! Well, i've searched that kind of emulator for years, but what i found is badly done linux things so i suggest you to download things like Adplug, an adlib emulator for winamp, that plays midi too (but not as you remember the opl2/opl3 from windows) and LOTS of …

Re: How to send my own text to MT-32

in MT-32 General
Sorry, but i haven't found anything that can be sending text to module! I checked every file with notepad but nothing! Also, i'm not very familiar of programming (let's say it, i'm not familiar at ALL). So, if i can use other ways... P.s. Also i would like to say that isn't an exc. buffer overflow …

How to send my own text to MT-32

in MT-32 General
Hello, i've been interested by mt-32 possibility to display personalized text on LCD, so my first thought was to edit the .syx with notepad, but then, on my mt-32, appeared "exc. buffer overflow". I've tried everything, even edit the sysex code by itself with midi-ox For example: F0 40 10 16 12 20 …

mt32-to-gm Ready Sysex to use with midi-ox

in MT-32 General
Sorry if i bother you with a stupid question,maybe you'll say: "Search it on the net", i've already searched on the net but i can't find it! Does someone have Sysex Ready an functional to remap mt-32 to gm with midi-ox? (the only sysex transmitter i know) Please! I Need Them! I've already tried with …

Re: MT-32 With Midi<->Usb Interface

in MT-32 General
First, I should mention that I have a similar setup: Voyetra USB-to-MIDI adapter connected to MT-32, which in turn is connected to an SC-88. Audio output from the MT-32 flows into the SC-88, which in turn goes to the line-in of my sound card (which is unmuted so that it passes through to my …

MT-32 With Midi<->Usb Interface

in MT-32 General
Hi All,recently i buyed a EDIROL UM-1 Midi-Usb Interface,when i connect the midi cables and install the driver (all seems to be fine) and i reboot the pc,i select the midi driver and i run scummvm. I Select MI1 With Windows MIDI and Enable True MT-32. When i Run The Game,The mt-32 shows scummvm …

Re: Munt 0.1.3 released

in MT-32 General
i was playing a midi of mi2 ripped with ScummREV with the new munt and that give me this. 😐 with munt in conjunction with scummvm it doesn't happen...why? anyway..fine work 😀

Re: AdLib Incorrect Emulation....

Yes! That's beacuse i created this topic...wait...i've discovered another leak in AdLib Emulation.....Exactly, this time i've listen the difference between Real OPL2 and Dosbox and Scummvm (same sound in this way) on the Scummbar Theme of MI1.... This time i've hear some metallic sound that not …

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