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Re: MT-32 for oldgames (non-emulation)

The MT-32 has seperate ports for Left and Right audio, and they're the bigger 1/4 inch ones :( Pretty annoying! I'm pretty sure I'll find something at Radioshack to take care of that though. Yeah that Quest Studio utility was basically a driver that the sierra installer would recognize. I selected …

Re: MT-32 for oldgames (non-emulation)

Thanks for the help! So here's what I'm assuming I'll need: 2 mono 1/4 inch to 1 stereo minijack cable. with that, I can output the MT-32 to line-in of my SB16. This should get me MT-32 midi sound w/ SB16 voice in one. I assume I can "unmute" line-in in a true dos environment. Are all games …

Re: MT-32 for oldgames (non-emulation)

hehe. Pretty cool stuff! I think I need to get some more equipment though. As you said, the SBPro MIDI interface is different. I was able to use a SB MIDI port utility from queststudios that allowed me to try out a Sierra game. That worked perfectly (woohoo), so I know it works. I'm not exactly sure …

Re: MT-32 for oldgames (non-emulation)

Thanks for the reply. I wonder where I could find a cable like that. I suppose getting an MPU-401 interface card would do the trick as well? Actually, now that I think of it I have a MIDI Adapter cable I bought for my old midi keyboard. I'll give that a shot if I win this MT-32 bid 😀

MT-32 for oldgames (non-emulation)

Hi All. A bit off topic in terms of emulation, but I was wondering if in order to hook up a real mt-32 to an old machine for games, do I need anything inbetween? I have a SBpro in there right now, and figured I could connect the mt-32 directly to the midi port, I thought here would be a good place …

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