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Re: Are there any BEIGE 500W+ ATX cases?

in Milliways
Besides, even if you DO find a beige case that comes with a 500W PSU, it is probably an Athlon XP-era one, with aged components and unbalanced (for today's computers) power distribution. Get the case, put a new (and good) PSU in it and be happy. Just beware the cooling - most beige cases have subpar …

Re: What's the best way to get high-density floppy support in an old XT-class machine?

I used the setup successfully with CF cards as well as microdrives. Haven't tested on real IDE HDDs because, well, I don't have any. :) Me too. My XT-class machine works with CF cards normally. I've tried IDE HDDs (even old sub-1GB ones) and none of them worked. For a 8088 machine unless you really …

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