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Re: DosBox

I think this was one of the main problems for the Atari hardware. No idea why there was a 4-color- per-scanline limitation, but it made multi-color images on the Atari's a massive pain. The scanline limitation wasn't that big a deal for still images (like in an adventure), but it made moving …

Re: DosBox

Well it's pretty simple if you look at how the VIC chip of the c64 generates the screen :) Since the graphics mode is basically a bit freaked up standard character mode with 8x8 pixel characters, with all characters spread out evenly through video memory. But still with the color functionality of …

Re: Cli2Nop...Hrmmm

in DOS
Well there's a big problem with that since CLI is a single byte instruction 0xFA. You can't just go search for that byte and replace it with another instruction like NOP or something. Big chance you'd seriously screw up a lot of other things :) Better release some patched executables for the most …

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