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Re: Outlaws (LucasArts) under Vista

in Windows
The game does have seperate patches for both Direct3D and Glide support: http://www.olmaps.com/files.html Not sure if it it possible to have both renderers available at the same time or the patching order. DirectDraw and Direct3D both work perfectly out of the box here so it's probably a nvidia …

Re: Re-Volt no-cd sound issues

in Windows
Try checking Windows 7's audio mixer, it has per application volume levels and sometimes has some random errors. Re-Volt must be running, so hope it supports alt-tab... IIRC Re-Volt 1.0 doesn't work in Windows 7 so that wouldn't have helped you any regardless. Also you shouldn't expect to not get CD …

Re: Shogo MAD on Win7

in Windows
CDDrive:\Game Copy the contents of that somewhere to your HDD, select all files and deselect read only. CD crack not needed (I have the CD in my second CD drive and Shogo still finds it), but you need to patch the game to the latest version. CDDrive:\Data CDDrive:\Movies Copy the content of those …

Re: Master of Orion II (Windows Version)

in Windows
To solve missing sound I had re-enable S/PDIF output in sound options which I disabled because I only use HDMI. Probably means the game gets confused about which device to send audio to, so try disabling/enabling devices in sound options, regardless of if you use them or not. For color corruption I …

Re: Rage Expendable on XP

in Windows
I had the same problem with this game. Probably it don't likes your CPU but I found the solution somewhere in the web: Just start the .exe with -nocputest Now it works fine with all options maximized. Awesome, but eh, where did you find out about that option? I tried reading documentation but …

Re: _inmm.dll : another solution for problematic CD audio?

in Windows
You can edit the .ini to add new entries. Just tell it where the exe or dll file playing CD audio is. I don't know if it's actually a generic patch or not though, but I would guess it is. I got Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds (which a majority of nt compatibility users seems to be unable to figure …

Re: DOSBox drag and drop and config files

Well. It's more complicated. Just giving anyone who has problems using DOSBox a dosbox.conf then telling them to drag the game they want to run to DOSBox.exe is more simple than telling them to do that, and how to create a shortcut that loads the conf in addition. I just find it to be odd default …

DOSBox drag and drop and config files

Why does dragging do executables to DOSBox.exe ignore dosbox.conf ? Is this intentional? Is there any way to change DOSBox's configuration when using drag and drop that doesn't involve creating a shortcut and adding "-conf dosbox.conf" (or -c) to it?

Nectaris (aka Military Madness)

Says "soundcard not found" or something like that. Mostly default config, except Gravis Ultrasound emulation was enabled. When trying to run it through VDMSound, I still get nothing, but it doesn't give any error message. The last line is "TFMX:5" Using a CVS version of Dosbox... Tried with 0.63 …

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