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Re: I love DOSbox

I love Dosbox, too. It has everything which is important. It is open, it is portable, it is evolving and it has a great community with many skilled co-developers as Gulikoza and Ykhwong. I also love them. 😘 Dosbox is the greatest oss-project I know.

Re: Why is Vogons so dead?

I think most of the subforums are not used well enough. The end of VDMSound did not improve this. Only look at the arcade forum. There is no traffic at all, because there are better forums to discuss arcade emulation. But, more important than the lack of traffic in many subforums: DosBox lives!

Re: AMD buys ATi?

Strange thing. Reminds me of 3dfx. I really hope it does not lead both ati and amd to ruin. I like nvidia and intel, but I also like to have the choice. I do not want to imagine what would happen if i was forced to buy intel and nvidia stuff.

Re: DosBox slow for me

Do you experience this problem only with DosBox? Maybe your problem has nothing to do with Dosbox. There are issues that WinXP loses great amounts of performance with AMD dual core CPUs sometimes. A patch is available but I dont know where.

Re: Settlers 2 on LCD Screen ?

in DOS
The smotthness of Settlers 2 depends strongly on map size and visible area. Very small maps run smoothly, but if you want to play FanPaign, you will have live with 0.5 fps.

Re: DOS Games Running too fast?

in DOS
For older games you can try DosBox. You have to adjust cycles manually for best gameplay if your game has problems with speed. Quake will not run with more than 0.5 fps in DosBos so do not even think about it with a 1GHz Celeron. (I do not know if there is a 3dfx version of Quake, but if there is …

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