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Re: FX Fighter Turbo

in Windows
This slowdown utility is much better than moslo: http://www.oldskool.org/pc/throttle I used ist to make the DK deeper dungeons menu usable and it really worked well.

Re: The Settlers 2 - Gold Edition

A very strange problem, indeed. In order to help you, I need some more details. Please answer these questions: 1. Which DosBox version do you use? 2. How did you install Settlers 2? 3. What are your core and cycles settings? 4. Did you apply any patches? 5. Which OS do you use? 6. Can you move the …

Re: The Settlers

Better try serial1=directserial realport:COM1 irq:3 Additionally it is very important to configure settler accordingly. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Start DosBox, make sure directserial works. 2. Start Settlers 3. Change game mode to splitscreen mode Now the important part: 4. Go to the …

Megademo by The Space Pigs

Hi, I have recently encountered a problem with the megademo by TSP. I downloaded it from scene.org. With the newest CVS and machine=vgaonly support for the dirty tricks of TSP became available so I wanted to watch this demo but did not succeed. Here is what happens: 1. I mounted my demo directory as …

Re: Settlers 2 Gold 2 USB mice

Mouse drivers only provide one pointing device. Even if there are more connected to your computer, there is always only one 'cursor'. Therefore settlers 2 needs to acces the second mouse directly. As there was no USB at that time, serial was the only common way to connect a second mouse. So you will …

Re: Master Of Orion Music

in DOS
DosBox can record opl commands as well as PCM output. This is an easy way to record what you hear. Sadly raw opl commands are not that understandable and there are only few tools to handle them. Loop points are, of course, lost. What do you want to do with this music?

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