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Dosbox and fglrx

I have been using DosBox on WinXP for a long time but now I try to switch to Linux. I downloaded the official 0.72 sourcecode, it compiled and installed well. I discovered that only surface output enables a descent performance and now Dosbox runs quite nice. There is one problem left, though and I …

Re: Dawn Patrol

There is not so much you can actually do. Your system simply lacks cpu power. By increasing frameskip, setting scaler to none, reducing sampling rate and setting core dynamic and cycles max you could get a few frames per second. But I really doubt it will be playable then. Try to follow the advice …

Re: Dungeon Keeper Setup

As Dungeon Keeper also has a win version, I would strongly recommend playing the win32 d3d version. You get a slightly higher resolution, fsaa and bi/trilinear or even anisotropic filtering and it is really playable. There is only one issue with the speed of the game frontend, which is much too …

Re: cant mount anything

Drag and dropping the .exe on Dosbox.exe or a shortcut to Dosbox.exe in explorer should call dosbox with the filename (full path) as parameter. It is generally not recommenced, but using it might lead to something.

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