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Re: CD-Track Loading & Windows XP

I always create a BIN/CUE of CDs with Audio tracks. Also, make sure to load with IMGMOUNT and *NOT* with Daemon tools and the like (I had a similar problem with my version of Shadow Caster were if mounted from Daemon the Audio tracks would play out of sync but if mounted through IMGMOUNT they would …

Re: The Incredible Machine sound and music

The cycles thing about soundblaster detection is a known bug... Back when I had a 486DX4 I had to press the TURBO button to make the computer slower to get those Sierra games to identify my sound blaster, after I moved to Pentiums that trick stopped working (but, if you were an owner of an ESS, it …

Re: Abandonware and Dosbox

I think the problem is more to do that some of the games on abandonware sites are post-installed, with save games, specific paths etc. People come here looking for help when they basically have a broken game (and nothing wrong with dosbox). Mind you, some actual releases of shovelware CD games also …


Just make sure there's a bit in the conf that can disable this, no questions asked, I hate it when programs decide where to put their files on their own... Sometimes I forget to mount a directory, and I sure as hell don't want it to mount something by default.

Re: System shock 1

Aside from a silly install.bat on the CD root folder, this game plays fine out of the box with Dosbox 0.7 just install from the INST folder: Assuming C: is your mounted HD drive and D: is your mounted CDROM drive do the following commands: D: CD INST INITIAL For sound card settings: General Midi -> …

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