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to Nicht

I tried to run them, but they hang after a few seconds. I'm already a Dosbox user, but it doesn't support protected mode and 486 games (by now). Oh, well, I will survive. 😉 Bye, Dom

Ok, no dice, I give up

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I figured out the problem. You were right, video drivers aren't Dos-Compatible. So you'll say: "Update them!" Well, I can't. My video card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000, not a plain Radeon, so I cannot install Catalyst (I tried, but they refuse to install). On my pc's …

Still don't understand

I've tried the solutions you gave me, but nothing worked. I'm already "Administrator". Yet I started Windows XP in the particular "free-nothingloaded" mode (I don't know the English name of that) by pressing F8 at the boot. You know what? Only in that case, DOS Games start (but without sound, since …

dos games freeze!

Hi to everybody, I'm Domenico, an Italian VDMSound enthusiast! I have a problem: I cannot start my old DOS games in Windows XP on my new laptop. It's P4 2.4Ghz 256Mb RAM, 30GB HD, Sigmatel audio and ATI Radeon Mobility 9000. It's not a VDMSound problem, they won't run at all!!! Sometimes they start, …

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