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Re: Cirrus Logic Eagle II 8-bit VGA card

I recently got a similar card, long, 8 bit ISA, with CL-GD520/540. Thanks for the DIP switches, that helped. My card has an 32kB Eagle II BIOS V2.12 from 1988. When switched to MDA the BIOS size shrinks to 4 kB. If there is interest I can upload the image.

Re: MCA Adlib card -- just need pictures

Interesting, however it is somewhat unclear to me from the description if it works in a faster MCA machine like a Model 80 and if the lockup issue in combination with memory expansion cards is resolved. The description does not mention any of these points that came up here in the thread.

Re: VGA Capture Thread

What is quite odd is that it cuts off left and top. Like it samples the full screen and then output only the lower right part of it. Usually if a device just samples 350 lines of a 400 line resolution only the top 350 lines are displayed.

Re: DScaler 4.2.3a

First of all I just did a a few small contributions to the already existing DScaler project with changes that adressed some of my own points. Though, it is good to hear that it works good for your application too. PVR3000 Deluxe: It mainly depends what driver API the card offers. DScaler supports …

Standard 386SX-16

Hello, this is not a build log, as the machine was already built. But I recently used it and took the opportunity to take some pictures. Specs: CPU: 386SX-16 FPU: None (I don't see a reason to plug one) Memory: 4 MB as DIP, 4 MB as SIPP Mainboard: Zymos Chipset Controller: Standard AT Miniscribe …

Re: Matrox Millennium II 16MB - exists? If so, why?

https://www.matrox.com/graphics/media/pdf/support/manuals/en_mac2.pdf The tables on page 9 list the differences. If the OP has a 12 MB version it would be interesting to know what the maximum refresh rate at 1440x1080 at 32 bit color depth is as it is lower as the one given in the table for 8/16 …

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