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Re: Welcome to the Desert of the Real World

in Milliways
I think I am sure, but I must say i got used to this narrow view ;) It's easier to read posts cause it looks like a real paper and you are not losing text while swiching from line to line. Right now I think only the window with threads could be wider... but as i said i got used to it :) Even the …

Re: Running TR/Glidos from HD??

That's why i suggested Alcohol 120% which makes cd letters changing very easy. But you still can change your cd drive letter in Control Panel ->Administration Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management (translating from other language win version so it might be a bit different) I have made a …

Re: Running TR/Glidos from HD??

873739 - this file is for voodoo rush 1140735, 1121791 - these files are for voodoo Glide works only with 873739 which means that it emulates VoodooRush not Voodoo. Empty FMV folder or 0 byte files results in this way: ERROR: Cannot initialise FMV player Glidos VESA support stopping

Re: Running TR/Glidos from HD??

I think you could just make an image of the cd by WinISO or any other virtual cd program, and mount the image in Alcohol 120% or any other cd image mounting program. The result will be that virtual cd will be placed on your HDD and will work fast (thought you will still have to skip movies).

Re: Tomb Raider High Res Texture Project

I think i have found a but in the latest release of title pack: Textures from 6018E6431FA65017D0F703FC8E60D589 folder seems not to work in game. Other folders works great. (the result is that only the two last passport pages are new, the rest is old). btw - nice work with letters, i remember you …

Re: Tomb Raider Texturer pack problems and limits

It would also help in the load times, as it's now taking ages for Glidos to load the external textures, which means there is a white screen for several seconds between selecting 'Load game' and actually seeing anything... The level loads almost immediately on my duron 1400, geforce fx5200. That may …

Re: Return to Zork

The game works for me with vdmsound. But i had no sound (only music) in dosbox. rtz.bat looks like this: @echo off C: cd \ LOADHIGH DRIVERS\SBLASTER MADE RTZ -M:DRIVERS\ADLIB -O -X DRIVERS\SBLASTER u As dosbox does not understand "loadhigh" command, I have deleted that parameter and the game works …

Re: glidos $$$

My bank account allows me to send money all over my country without paying anything for it. If you want to send money by Post Office you pay about 50cents for it. But when I want to send money to another country without having a credit card I have to pay about 10$. I just thought that it might be …

Re: Problems with mounting and keyboard

If i remember correctly there already was such a question few days/weeks ago so you can just browse through older threads, and it was also explained in German that's why i don't remember the solution ;) You can always try to swich you language/keyboard settings to US. You can also place "mount..." …

Re: Welcome to the Desert of the Real World

in Milliways
I would also like to add that the reason why some people see the new forum as better or worse is that it looks good in 1024x768 and above, while in 800x600 (I use this resolution) all threads titles are being displayed in 3 lines so it is difficult to read them. The solution for this would be …

Re: Welcome to the Desert of the Real World

in Milliways
For browsing Threads in a more clear way I would suggest the following: 1 - removing [Popular] Icon 2 - placing "Replies" collumn between "Threads" and "Author" 3 - "*" Icon for Important 4 - "!" Icon for Usefull If you think [Popular] should be still used: "o" for [Popular] (I think it is o ;) ) " …

Re: What does this error mean?

there is "Disable Smilies in this post" option so you can edit the post and set it ;) You can solve your problem this way: mount c c:\ mount d d:\ mount e e:\ mount f f:\ -t cdrom mount g h:\ -t cdrom #mount h g:\ -t cdrom

Re: keyboard in vdms not working

I think you could try installing standard 101/102 keyboard drivers and check whether it works. It may happen that you won't be able to use additonal keyboard functions, but main buttons would work.. just a guess.. and you can also try switching to US language and US keyboard in regional settings.

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