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Re: King's Quest 7 running windowed only

in Windows
It's nice to know that there is a DOS verion of the game. My origiinal CD contains only windows version. I remember that it was not possible to run my game without that blue stripe at the top. Even screens in a paper games magazine contain the stripe (and that was win3.1). But as your CD seems to be …

Re: Pausing Dosbox?

And what are the adventages of the BIOS way? (i think it is only usefull when you want to check computer parameters just after turning the computer on by pressing Pause/Break button)

Re: Welcome to the Desert of the Real World

in Milliways
My solution would be: -very dark fonts -bright background -no red (and simmilar) at all and if it would be possible to change type of fonts in the buttons cause these type is unclear (especially the buttons in the top right corner of each post)

Re: Kudos to DOSBox devs!

to add to the happiness: I saw Dosbox on the front cover of "Chip Special" (polish edition) and almost the whole one unit out of four units in the magazine is devoted to Dosbox (the rest of the magazine is about optimalization of WinXP) :) and you can see it here: http://special.chip.pl/ the picture …

Re: Pausing Dosbox?

If it is not an adventure game and there is not much text you can always make screenshots by pressing Ctrl-F5 and switch Alt-Tab between dosbox and your picture viewer running in backbround.

Integrated sound card in DOS

I gave a try to my integrated sound card. I have installed dos drivers from the CD provided with my mainboard (Soltek 75KAV) based on VIA KT133A chipset. (I have got Duron 1400.) My manual says: "SOUND CONTROLLER: SoundBlaster Pro Hardware and Direct Sound Ready AC97 Digital Audio Controller with …

Re: Ensoniq sound card in DOS

I have Ensoniq card and I think it runs only in window's dos and not as perfectly as you say cause it requires emm386.exe to be installed, but a game may not tolerate emm386.exe in memory. You may have NOEMS parameter but drivers require VCPI so ems386.exe must be installed.. My Ensoniq is almost …

Re: plz make VDMSound for GP32

http://www.gbax.com/gp32pics.html http://www.gbax.com/gp32review.html http://english.gamepark.com/ http://www.gamepark.co.kr/tmp_english/GP32/spec.asp http://www.gamershell.com/reviews_GP32Gamepar … dheldRevi.shtml I won't buy it but it would be funny to borrow it and test a bit 😀

Re: Bug with floppy swap not refreshing.

I have had a simmilar problem with mounting hdd folder as a floppy. I couldn't delete install.exe from the virtuall floppy after the installation process has begun and after it asked for a new floppy. I have solved it by copying all the floppies to the same folder before the installation.

Re: MIDI and soundfonts for the rest of us

in Milliways
Snover wrote: "Oh, and the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is pretty much considered the best as far as software MIDI emulation is concerned, mostly because it emulates a Roland SoundCanvas, which I think has been discussed above." Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is not good at all. It doesn't emulate …

Re: mounting cdrom drives

You should ask this question on VOGONS > DOSBox > General as this forum is for talking about macintosh emulators and you ask about a PC emulator. btw - i am curious how to solve your problem too 😉 I guess you should try typing this "mount c your_hdd_drive_name" and "mount d your_cdrom_drive_name".

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