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Re: Phantom fighter

in DOS
[Nicht Sehr Gut]: The game gives me a gpf when run from a dos windows inside XP. Under DosBox it loads but the screen appears half-cut. Under real dos, the bottom line appears cut too.

Re: VESA isn't only video problem under XP

in DOS
[Nicht Sehr Gut]: Thank you for your reply. Sometimes it's frustrating when you post something and you get no replies, even for saying "I don't know what you're talking about". That being said, I will dowload another Detonator to try it. Running on a GF4 Ti4200 (Creative)

Re: PCI soundcard for Real DOS

in DOS
My ASUS A7V333 has integrated CMI8738 audio (C-MEDIA) that is directly taken from an old PCI card (I think). It has DOS SB emulation, albeit it's not perfect is quite good if you can re-route the sound card IRQ to anything below 10. Some of my friends have another PCI soundcard (old) that isn't …

Phantom fighter

in DOS
This is an old CGA/EGA shoot-em-up game by Emerald Software (1988). It also appeared in Amiga (was quite different) and maybe other systems. It also may be called with a different name that I cannot recall now. I checked Home of the Underdogs. It was called If it moves, shoot it! :) stupid name if I …

VESA isn't only video problem under XP

in DOS
Hello. I've noticed that running some dos games under WinXP that use a 320x200x16c mode (0Dh?, same as EGA) but with VGA palette, they get displayed all messed-up. Examples: Deathbringer an arcade game by empire and Double Dragon 2 by Technos. Any clue would be appreciated.

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