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Re: Kyrandia 2 weird problem

ok, then i typed hofcd and it WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hoooray!!! thanks so much it is working perfectly wth full sound now, thanks again for making such a wonderful emulator for us all much appreciated. :) Chris Game Research and Development http://chris-today.blogspot.com/ http://www. …

Re: Kyrandia 2 weird problem

oh my, hi wd, and thanks so much for the fast reply i have gotten very frustrated trying to make this work..ok, so put c:cd hof ..... i do have the cd installed on my compy now, in the c:Westwood\hofcd\hofcd.exe locatoin how would i use dir for pointing to this? i was trying to get the cd itself to …

Re: Kyrandia 2 weird problem

OK< I need help with the same issue, running Kyranida II the talkie CD version and loading with DOsBox, so far i cant get it to finish loading. I entered the following commands: mount C C:\Westwood mount e d:\ -t cdrom -ioctl and it loaded fine then when i tried to enter cd HOFCD it said it could …

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