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Were there any highly functional emulators that ran on old 68k Macs like the Plus or LC2 under System 6/7/8
for Gameboy/Apple 2/Atari/NES/Genesis ?

I’ve seen recent developments like this


But they aren’t fleshed out very well

I would find it very amusing to play a B&W gameboy game on a black and white Mac but can’t recall anyone making emulators for Macintosh back in the golden age of emulation.

One would think the 68k chip in a Mac would make it much easier to virtualize then emulate given how close 68k is already to the bare metal of most arcades and consoles of the 80’s and early 90’s. Might not get sound support in some cases but who cares?

Would also be a unique use for dusty old Macs that have a less accessible ecosystem.

I’ve often wondered if a classic external Mac harddrive could be virtualized so I could more easily move files between my old Macs and PCs sans floppy (since old Mac floppies are PC incompatible)

Ah well, goes to show I’ve forgotten about my Mac Plus and Apple 2gs for over a decade. Not even sure what solutions exists for them anymore