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Have a collection of vintage CD from 90s with PC software and games. Some of CDs have mixed content (data+audiocd), for example game "Herose might and Magic with audio cd tracks". My pc is a macbook (MACOS12) with external usb-cd-drive. How to rip such discs into a image-file so as not to lose audio tracks? And in the future it was possible to restore disks from images by writing them to blank discs.

I want to do it like this:
macbook:~ root# dd if=/dev/disk2s0 of=HEROES2.ISO
but the audio component will be lost?

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Use cdrdao to make cue/bin.

Make sure to test that the cue/bin works with whatever mounting tools and/or emulators you use before you start alot of ripping.
For CDs without audio you could also rip to cue/bin but it's easier to manage those if they are .iso and it also makes it easier to identify which of your collection has audio vs which do not.

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I used to use Nero Burning ROM's virtual recorder to create NRGs of my originals.
At the time, this seemed to be the easiest solution to me to create such images.
Most virtual CD drives on Windows had read support for NRG, also.
Unfortunately, NRG isn't received very well in the open source community.
Perhaps due to its proprietary nature or because Nero no longer is popular, not sure.

Edit: On the Macintosh platform, Toast used to be a very popular piece of CD/DVD authoring software.
It could handle images with both Mac/PC sessions.

Edit: If you're really curious about the details, please read about "The Apprentice" for Philips CD-i.
It used an obscure format (data in pregaps) that only a few programs like legendary CloneCD could handle correctly.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Appre ... ideo_game)

PS: In fact, that Nero virtual recorder was a great help to me converting the CD to an emulator friendly ISO image (I do have a real CD-i with original games, also, btw).

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