Quake 3 Arena for xbox

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Ok I know this may not be compatible with dosbox, but maybe this game can help developers make a few tweak's so more games are compatible for the xbox. Im talking about xbox "180" not 360

Recently I was tinkering around with the pcsxbox and I wanted to play Quake but it wasnt happening. So I tried to get a Quake that would work on the xbox.
Needless to say that the files on the internet are limitless and I came across a
torrent with Quake 1,2, and Arena.

All by the way are backwards compatible for the PC and Windows only. Now I am not a computer genius by any means but I'm sure that someone with some knowledge can get a better understanding of what makes it run's 100% to perfection on the xbox then I am certain that people can open a new area of gaming for this console

I will gladly give the files to anyone interested and I pray that the people continue to make the xbox better than it already is.

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The Quake games source code is already out there and there are linux ports of it.
Since you can put Linux on your XBOX there shouldn't be any trouble for someone to port Quake to it.

Quake2/3 have nothing to do with DosBox in any way.

Finally this forum doesn't support downloading copyrighted material.

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