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Meka seems to work on my PC, but I don't get any sound with games (I've only tried "Sonic"). So, I got VDMSound v 2.1. However, the only way I know to get it running is by right-clicking on the Meka.exe, and selecting 'run with VDMSound'. This launches the Sega Master System menu screen but I can't access the menus at the top of the screen which I assume would include the option to 'virtually' insert the cartridge. Neither can I get out of the screen (without quitting) to open the game after launching Meka + VDMSound. Since I just downloaded Meka, and know very little, I'm not sure whether it's possible to access the menus, anyway. I was thinking I don't need the menus if I could get VDMSound running first, and then open the game, 'Sonic', in this case with Meka. But how do I do that? I suspect it involves DOS...?

So, in summary, my problem is I can't get VDMSound, Meka 0.65 and a game running at the same time. I can play the game but with no sound OR launch Meka with VDMSound but no game. At this point I have no reason to think that Meka or VDMSound is not working properly but it's a possibility. I included my system specs in my sig below, but I don't think my system is the issue here.


2.66 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor.
533 MHz Front Side Bus
512KB Second Level Cache Motherboard
nVidia GeForce 4 8x AGP
Avance AC'97 Audio
256MB RAM DDR 333MHz
Win XP