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So I noticed on the Virtual Jaguar website in their 2 compiler links at the bottom that in the repositories there are 2 types of compiles.
One is the main Jag compiles and there are 2 other ones; "rln" & "rmac".
"rmac" has files compiled in 2020.

Does anyone know what the "rmac" ones are in relation to jaguar?

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wolf wrote on 2020-03-08, 10:20:

Don't really want to join or sign up for another forum. I am sure Vogons has enough knowledge amongst the users. It's why i love it here!

*ugh*. Next time, do your own detective legwork. RMAC is an assembler, RLN is a linker. Both were clones of the Atari Madmac/aln assembler/linker. The utils still see periodic update - the emulator doesn't.