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Is there a way to use a light gun with games like duck hunt (nes)virtual cop, house of the dead (Saturn/arcade) or Time Crisis (ps1/arcade)
I seen usb light guns that ack as a mouse on a pc. But what about a true light gun or something made just for old console emulators and mame?

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Most light guns of the era only works with standard CRT TVs. That means, CRTs working at 50/60 Hz. LCD/TFT won't work (because there is no "beam" to detect, and higher frequency TVs (like those 100Hz TVs) will fail because the beam will be detected at a different time.

So, although hooking a gun to a PC would be possible, you'll need to connect your VGA to an old CRT TV... and pray to not have any timing/latency issues.

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kjliew wrote on 2020-08-08, 21:04:

Google for "Sinden Lightgun". It is a crowd-funding project for lightgun that works on LCD TV with PC and console games alike. I don't know if you can buy it yet, its production is limited.

I'll keep that in mind. I was hoping for a old school light gun that works with a CRT but its looking like I'll have to get a more modern gun.

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Here are a few links that might interest you:
https://www.hackster.io/news/the-lcdzapper-le … vs-18846e7db9aa
https://www.instructables.com/id/NES-Zapper-L … Gun-Wii-Remote/

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Have you ever heard of the Bliss Box project? This guy developed a USB interface to connect original console controllers and peripherals to PC, which utilizes custom cables with connector types for all the old consoles. I got hooked up with him a long time ago on the Underground Gamer torrent community (when it was still a thing, RIP). I bought the original version of the Bliss Box PCB years ago, then after that the 4-play, which I'm not sure you can get anymore, but as far as connecting "old school" controllers to PC for emulators, it's awesome. I've never used it with an original Nintendo or Sony light gun, but I happen to have a CRT TV of my own so I can test it out and report back. If it works, since you have a video card with TV out, it should work for what you want, if your goal is to use original light guns with modern emulators.


Other than that, Act Labs used to make legit light guns for PC, but they've been discontinued for some time. They pop up on eBay from time to time, but of course you're going to pay a "rare and desirable item" premium. I have a couple of those and they work great with MAME and my CRT arcade monitor. I tested virtua cop, it's just like the arcade. I would assume (and hope) the Bliss Box would allow the same experience for console emulators. Since the Act Labs guns are for PC specifically, they should also work.