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Is there a way to use a light gun with games like duck hunt (nes)virtual cop, house of the dead (Saturn/arcade) or Time Crisis (ps1/arcade)
I seen usb light guns that ack as a mouse on a pc. But what about a true light gun or something made just for old console emulators and mame?

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Most light guns of the era only works with standard CRT TVs. That means, CRTs working at 50/60 Hz. LCD/TFT won't work (because there is no "beam" to detect, and higher frequency TVs (like those 100Hz TVs) will fail because the beam will be detected at a different time.

So, although hooking a gun to a PC would be possible, you'll need to connect your VGA to an old CRT TV... and pray to not have any timing/latency issues.

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kjliew wrote on 2020-08-08, 21:04:

Google for "Sinden Lightgun". It is a crowd-funding project for lightgun that works on LCD TV with PC and console games alike. I don't know if you can buy it yet, its production is limited.

I'll keep that in mind. I was hoping for a old school light gun that works with a CRT but its looking like I'll have to get a more modern gun.

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Here are a few links that might interest you:
https://www.hackster.io/news/the-lcdzapper-le … vs-18846e7db9aa
https://www.instructables.com/id/NES-Zapper-L … Gun-Wii-Remote/

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