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Okay, I've finally had enough! When asking for help here, people too often refer to games by acronym abberviations of their names. I often can't help them as a result, because I have no freaking idea what game they're talking about. Acronyms are bad, unless you explain what they are at least once per thread! To try to help alleviate the confusion this causes, I propose we make a list of commonly used game name acronyms.

I'm starting the list based on some acronyms I can think of and some that I see around the forum. Post or PM me any additional acronyms you can think of, and I'll edit this post to add them (fellow moderators: you have permission to edit it for me if you decide I've gotten lazy and have stopped doing it myself). Thanks!

- Names are listed by alphabetized acronym.
- A lowercase 'x' in an abbreviation usually stands for a number for games in a series (e.g. KQx could be KQ7, meaning King's Quest 7).
- Brackets [] around part of an acronym mean that sometimes the acronym appears with the part in brackets and sometimes without (e.g. Star Trek: A Final Unity is sometimes abbreviated as STTNG AFU and sometimes as just ST AFU).

The list:
AITD[x] - Alone In The Dark [x]
AW - Another World (aka Out Of This World)
BAM - Blood & Magic
BARIS - Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space
BASS - Beneath A Steel Sky
BC3K or BC3000 - BattleCruiser 3000
BG[&]E - Beyond Good & Evil (I think most people use BGE)
BRE - Barren Realms Elite
BRR - Big Red Racing
BS1 - Broken Sword: The Shadow of The Templars
BS2 - Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
BS: AOG - Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
BS: PS - Blake Stone: Planet Strike
C&C[x] - Command & Conquer [x]
CC - Chrono Cross
CC:FTF - Close Combat First to Fight
CM[x] - Championship Manager [x]
CMR - Colin McRae Rally
COD:UO - Call of Duty United Offensive
CoMI - Curse of Monkey Island (sometimes MI3)
CRC[2005] - Cross Racing Championship 2005
CS:HRTR - Crimson Skies High Road To Revenge
D[x] - Descent (1,2,3), Doom (1,2,3), Dune (1,2)
DDR - Dance Dance Revolution
DF - Daggerfall, Dark Forces
DMC - Devil May Cry
DN3D or D3D - Duke Nukem 3D
DNF - Duke Nukem Forever
DOTT - Day Of The Tentacle
EA - Extreme Assault
EOTB[x] - Eye of the Beholder 1, 2, 3
F12k - F1 2000
F12k1 - F1 2001
F12k2 - F1 2002
F1C - F1 Challenge 99-02
F1GP - Formula 1 Grand Prix (aka World Circuit)
F1RC - F1 Racing Championship
F1RS - F1 Racing Simulation
F1WGP - F1 World Grand Prix
FOTAQ - Flight of The Amazon Queen
FS[x] - Flight Sim (98/2000/2002, COF = Century of Flight)
FT - Full Throttle
GK[x] - Gabriel Knight [x]
GOT - God of Thunder
GP[x] - Grand Prix (2,3,4)
GPL - Grand Prix Legends
GUS - Gravis UltraSound (a sound card, not a game)
GW - Guild Wars
HL2: E1 - Half Life 2: Episode 1
HOMM[x] - Heroes of Might And Magic [x]
HOTD - The House of The Dead
ICR[x] - IndyCar Racing [x]
KQ[x] - King's Quest [x]
LBA - Little Big Adventure
LSL[x] - Leisure Suit Larry [x]
LSW - Lego Star Wars
M2: TW - Medieval 2: Total War
MCM - Motocross Madness
MGPRS2 - Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2
M[&]M[x] - Might & Magic x
MI[x] - Monkey Island series (x=1 is Secret of Monkey Island, x=2 is Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, x=3 is Curse of Monkey Island)
MR[x] - Moto Racer [x]
MK[x] - Mortal Kombat [x]
MOM - Master of Magic
MOO[x] - Master of Orion [x]
MTM - Monster Truck Madness, Midtown Madness
MW[x] - MechWarrior 1, 2, 2: Mercs, 3, 4, 4 Mercs
NFS[x] - Need For Speed [x]
NFS[x]SE - Need For Speed [x] Special Edition
OOTW - Out Of This World (aka Another World)
PGP - Prost Grand Prix
PM:TTYD - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
POD - Planet Of Death
POP[x] - Prince of Persia [x], Populous [x]
Privateer - Wing Commander: Privateer
PQ[x] - Police Quest x
PVKII - Pirates, Vikings and Knights II
Q[x] - Quake x (1,2,3,4)
QfG[x] - Quest for Glory [x]
RA[x] Command & Conquer Red Alert [x]
RBR - Richard Burns Rally
RO[x] - Red Orchestra [x]
ROC - Realms of Chaos
ROTT - Rise of the Triad
SAM - Sam & Max Hit the Road (aka Sam And Max)
SC[x] - Star Control [x], StarCraft [x]
SCAR - Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo
SCARS - Super Computer Animal Racing Simulation
SF - Syphon Filter
SOD - Spear of Destiny
SQ[x] - Space Quest [x]
SoMI - Secret of Monkey Island (sometimes MI or MI1)
SS[x] - System Shock [x], Serious Sam [x]
SSFE - Serious Sam: The First Encounter
SSSE - Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
ST 25th - Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
ST[TNG] AFU - Star Trek: A Final Unity
ST JR - Star Trek: Judgement Rites
SW:EaW - Star Wars: Empire at War
TD[x] - Test Drive [x]
TES - The Elder Scrolls (series containing Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and spinoffs Battlespire and Redguard)
TIM[x] - The Incredible Machine [x]
TR[x] - Tomb Raider [x]
TRD - ToCA Race Driver
TV - Terminal Velocity
TTDX - Transport Tycoon Deluxe
VF[x] - Virtua Fighter [x]
WA - Worms Armageddon
WAR[x] - Warcraft [x]
WARCRAFT ROC - Warcraft 3: Rise of Chaos
WARCRAFT FT - Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
WARHAMMER: SotHR - Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat
WC[x] - Warcraft 1,2,3
WC [Armada, Privateer] - Wing Commander [Armada, Privateer]
WIZ[x] - Wizardry [x]
WO2097 - Wipeout 2097 (aka Wipeout XL)
WOLF3D - Wolfenstein 3D
WOXL - Wipeout XL (aka Wipeout 2097)
WW - Wacky Wheels
XG2 - Extreme-G2

Updated 5-30-2012 Added Red Orchestra
Updated 8-30-2011 by HunterZ: Added C&C/RA suggestions by chinny22, plus minor cleanup
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