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Nicht Sehr Gut wrote:

Obvious answer: it would've made it insanely easy.

Ah, I guess I spaced out and thought that the original arcade version used a paddle or ball or something, but it just has left, right, and fire.

Before Pong? *heh* No, that wasn't it.

😜 I was putting forth the unsubstantiated (and now obviously false) idea that Space Invaders was made so early that the design of the Atari 2600 was not yet completed, and that as a result the paddles may not have yet existed for it.

It was, as that site claims, the first "killer-app" video game.

Yep. It was just before I was born, but I am aware that Space Invaders was the game that started the first arcade game explosion. Yes, Pong was the first, but Space Invaders was the game that turned laundromats into video arcades overnight. Or so I've read.

Yes. Stop it. You're as bad about this as Stiletto.

*Homer Simpson chuckle* Heh heh, yeah. Oooh, donuts! 😜

Reply 21 of 22, by DosFreak

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Moving to Deep Thought for later cleanup....although Liberated Games website probably has all of these listed already......

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