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DOS Memory Extenders - by Snover and DosFreak

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A near-comprehensive collection of DOS/4GW memory extenders.
This compilation is dated 2002-08-22 and was released for Very Old Games On New Systems <www.vogons.org>.

DOS/4GW was distributed with Watcom C++ to "break the 640K memory barrier" so that programs larger than 640KB could be run in DOS. Several versions of the program were released during the lifetime of DOS. This collection is meant to provide as many versions of the DOS/4GW executable as possible, because often times certain versions packaged with certain games will crash on some systems while other versions will not. The most common version of DOS/4GW is version 1.97, released in this package as 1_97_2.EXE.

Versions 1.6 and 1.9 were provided by DosFreak. All other versions were provided by Colin Snover.

Do you have a version of the DOS/4GW extender that is not listed here? Would you like to contribute it? If so, please visit <www.vogons.org> and let us know!

The MD5 checksum program used to verify the different versions of DOS/4GW was created by 3L Software and can be found at <iay.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/threel/tech/tools/md5.htm>.
Another program that can be used to check MD5 checksums (with source code) and that supports long file names can be found at <langfine.com/rsa_md5.htm>.
The CRC32 checksum program used to verify the different versions of DOS/4GW was created by Big-O Software and can be found at <big-o-software.com/hksfv32-overviewfeatures.php>.

WinRAR was used to package these files at a 39% greater compression ratio than could be achieved using standard ZIP archiving. (1.31MB for ZIP vs. only 372KB for RAR)

DOS/4GW is copyright © 1990-1997 Tenberry Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
All versions of the DOS/4GW runtime files contained herein were obtained from software created using Watcom C++.

MD5 checksums   (also available separately in DOS4GW.MD5):

1_6.EXE = 4716107431eb3bf2e054770a496ae84f
1_8.EXE = a63c63f62dadba7163776fbc32ce3fe3
1_9.EXE = 3ec2f6e3f1ade4e21143cfeff7a4c0cb
1_92.EXE = a75fdc120ae2fbb4cb2fd9e7b6a94858
1_95.EXE = 498c3f0c7bc7a9206a7b1b049f0c3234
1_95_2.EXE = 15ff24d641ba6ad318362935147bc2fb
1_97.EXE = 006211ca60fa3d4b38a9a8da2ade1056
1_97_2.EXE = ee4033581845b3b8d28c4b7287eb4fc2
1_97_3.EXE = fd90468391ade7feb178340c44877e93
2_01A.EXE = ba53625d50570fa897134d57f2da649c

CRC32 checksums (also available separately in DOS4GW.SFV):

1_6.EXE = 0x099EFB69
1_8.EXE = 0x32376422
1_9.EXE = 0x7DD43C8B
1_92.EXE = 0xC8E3CF7D
1_95.EXE = 0x95D35B4D
1_95_2.EXE = 0x3B750E06
1_97.EXE = 0x5CC34B0F
1_97_2.EXE = 0xCB214447
1_97_3.EXE = 0xEA7106EB
2_01a.EXE = 0xA47C6A1F


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