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Optimal OS Game Compatibility For Games - by DosFreak

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Optimal OS Game Compatibility For Games
(Ranked from most compatible to least compatible)

X86 Computers


1. Old Computer that fits the game requirements running Dos v6.22 or FreeDOS.

These games were MADE for specific hardware and Operating system requirements. It only makes sense to run them under those requirements for optimal gameplay. While it may not be the easiest thing in the world to accomplish (getting the hardware). In the end it will be the best choice. That is until Dosbox becomes perfect.

2. Any Windows 9x ver (95,98 DOS mode).
All Windows 9x versions includes DOS. This DOS is pretty much the same as all previous DOS except more memory hungry so you may have issues with memory hogging TSR's. If so ask around on the forum's, but generally you should be fine as long as you read the documentation that came with the game.

3. Windows ME (DOS mode requires a hack)
4. Windows XP
5. Windows 2000
6. Windows NT 4.0

** Windows 3.x vers not included.


1. Windows 98 & 98SE
The best OS for WIN32 compatibility. That is more Windows programs will run under Windows 98 (without modification) than any other Windows OS currently. Yes, even Windows XP. It is also less buggy than it's successor Windows ME, which is why ME is second to Windows 98 for Windows Game Compatibility.

2. Windows ME
3. Windows XP
4. Windows 2000
5. Windows 95 (With USB/AGP patch)
6. Windows NT4
7. Windows 3.x

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