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Re: Glide-forWindows game list

Postby Leafs_rock98 » 2005-10-02 @ 22:28

I had a 3Dfx card on my old PC, I think it was a Voodoo Rush card, it was great. When I got a new PC I was only like 10, so I didn't know that I should have saved the graphics card from it. Now that I play games that need 3Dfx cards, the graphics look a lot worse than I remember them being... I can't work the 3D acceleration on NHL '98, my favourite game ever. I have a nVidia TNT 2, I think it uses Direct 3D... I've tried a lot of Glide 2.x wrappers, but none of them work on NHL '98. Every time I start a game, it just stops and goes back to Windows...
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Re: Glide-forWindows game list

Postby Carrera » 2005-10-04 @ 09:23

uhhh, did Heavy Gear 2 support glide? I see no indication that it does. Anyone? Before I delete it off the list?

Nope. D3D only. Funnily enough, Hevay Gear 1 seems to work better on WinXP than Heavy Gear 2.
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