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Postby Mephisto » 2005-8-14 @ 00:56

I#ve been working for 3 days, but now i got it (i hope this is not a second
thread to this theme :blush: - i searched, but found nothing to compare
with this i write right now )

OK - lets get startet:
(ps: all the links are German, so you have to trust me)

What do you Need: (for the speed :-D)

1.) NFS4- High Stakes
2.) The Official Patch 4.5 (find it on some NFS-Sites or gamershell or google)
3.) The 3d Setup files from:

Here you have to search for the "3D-Setup v.2" link - a popup with the download will show.
Extract the files to your /nfs/3dsetup Folder - and execute the reg file.

and at least:

4.) The Custom-made Setup:

Here you have to go to the NFS4 - Button- left from the "Forum" button - and search for the
Neues 3DSetup für NFS4:Brennender Asphalt text - in this part you click on "mehr" -link ,
and the "Zum Download" -link.

(u can use this link too - its the same,the only difference is, its a direct-link : ... )

After you downloaded this, extract the file and run it, when its installed,
you can run the new setup - and choose you Resolution & the new
DX-drivers; i think the new Setup changes the d3da.dll file or replaces it

Vóila - this should it be, you can now play nfs4 on Windows XP.

I dont remember now if the steps 2&3 are nessecarry, but it works with them too -and,
if i've forgott something then i will add it with an update - for now:
have a nice Play - and give me a feedback if the "Manual" worked for you,
or if i have made a Mistake somewhere.

PS: im using SP1 i dont know if this also works with SP2
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