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I really love VDMSound. VDMSound makes it possible for us to play old DOS games natively under Windows XP. But VDMSound stopped development after 2.0.4 in year 2001. Official site on sf.net is still:


I would quickly grab the source-code files before it completely disappears.

I heard/seen VDMSound 2.1.0. Is someone continuing development? Or just a quick update? There is definitely one thing I would like to be implemented in VDMSound would be IPX.

Somehow when I run VDMSound 2.0.4 it disables IPX. So if I want to play games over IPX I cannot use VDMSound hence no sound. Has anyone else encountered this?

When I get time, I'll study VDMSound 2.0.4 and see what I can do.

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VDMSound is on sourceforge so it's source should never disappear. (Unless something drastic happens).

VDMSound just emulates sounds. IPX is beyond it's capabilities. If you want full IPX support I suggest you use DosBox. (IPX is provided by NTVDM, VDMSound just provides a GUI for it).

With the release of Vista and all of the issues that it has with DOS games VDMSound is even more dead with this newer operating system.

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Am so stupid! I found the IPX support for VDMSound!! all by myself!!!!

Right-click exe and select "Run with VDMS". Setup custom configuration. Create new configuration from scratch. Click Advanced. Goto Compatibility tab. Enable low-level network support.

Yay!!! Now we can play:

- Blood
- Carmageddon
- Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn DOS
- Syndicate Wars

over the internet (using GIT) with sound!!!! Yay !!! \o/

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