VDMSound on Windows Vista?

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Is it possible to run VDMSound on windows Vista?


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why not try it?
But supposedly it can't work since the legacy support for 16bit programs has been gutted out. I may be wrong and remember stuff wrong.

Edit: VDMS itself could work since it is a 32bit program but the ntvdm part has been gutted out or something like that I meant.

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16bit support is still in Vista 32bit but you cannot run DOS programs that require fullscreen because WDDM Vista drivers do not suport int10. If you install XP drivers for your video card then you will have int10 access and your DOS programs should work.

I haven't tried VDMSound in Vista but if your running Vista you should really be using DosBox anyway.

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I'm gonna revive and resolve this dead subject..for that is the only reason I registered to vogons for :B

Wikipedia: VDMSound

The project was discontinued in mid-2002, when additional improvements in emulation were no longer possible due to limitations in the Windows kernel. The sound emulation code from VDMSound has since been integrated into DOSBox.[1]
VDMSound is not compatible with Win95/98/ME and since it is not compatible with Windows Vista, the whole project is obsolete, thus the current version, 2.1.0 beta, is likely to be the final.