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VDMSound 2.1

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & the Flame: v1.1

-- In Windows XP game display freeze when played with VDMSound 2.1 at opening of cave scene, with Soundblaster and Midi sound on. Tried different configurations invain.

-- But using DOSBox 0.72, editing Dosbox.conf at [cpu], cycles=max made the game playable with Soundblaster and midi sound on.

-- Wish POP2 would play with VDMSound since the Sound is out-of-the-world when using it.

Hope the VDMSound guys will look into this when they have time.

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VDMSound is dead. Long live DOSBox.

Make sure that you are using the proper sound card settings.

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I think what wd was trying to say is,
Why are you trying to run Prince of Persia 2 with VDMSound when it runs perfectly in DOSBox? I'm curious too.

VDMSound employs the Windows built-in DOS emulator, which is not great.

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Sounds and music are awesome in DOSBox, too, without the pain of the NTVDMS and speed/compatibility issues.

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