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I just dug trough my collection and tried to get various games running on my new machine (Amd 2400+, integrated ac'97, win2k)

I had the following problem with XWing (old dos version):

It doesn't recognize my emulated EMS, and therefor won't run properly.

With NovaStorm, the problems are a bit more complex:

The sound is "choppy" in a peculiar way. Sound effects echo, play backwards and dialoges are completly unhearable. The graphics seem to change speed and sooner or later the game will quit whitout warning...

I have vdms 2.10, but I am not sure it is the latest version.

Anyone have some ideas?

In an old thread about XWing, somebody refered to the DOS Compatibility Database, but the link doesn't work...


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A bit late on this one (heh) but to get Novastorm working without choppiness, use DOSBox, set CPU Cycles to at least 20000 (if your PC will take it) and TURN ON Gravis Ultrasound emulation (or the choppiness will continue!).