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I’m using Glidos order to play the Tomb Raider (1996) game. With the John Capon textures pack.
And I’ve noticed a grave mistake that the pack author has made.
Level Atlantis (#14). The throne hall with three atlants’ thrones must contain three different textures on their thrones backs.
There must be three different letters: N, T, Q.
They have placed there for Lara could find out which throne block to push. She should push the N block. N is for Natla – her game antagonist (T for Tihocan, Q for Qualopec).
But the John Capon textures have absolutely identical patterns on the thrones backs.
Thus Lara cannot choose which of them she should use.
I’ve found the textures files. And I can change them. But all three thrones backs contain the same texture - Glidos\Textures\JC\JC2\_Atlantis\alien_design\ad-24.png
And if I change one of them, all three thrones backs change the same way.
But they should be different.




I found out that files that needed to be changed are ad-24.png, ad-25.png, ad-26.png
ad-24.png must have letter Q
ad-25.png must have letter T
ad-26.png must have letter N

In the original JC pack all three links refer to one file - ad-24.png
If you change those textures adding letters, you should change links to the files.
In order to do it you should change file names in those three files:

Glidos\Textures\JC\JC2\_14_Atlantis\E06601D2B9DDCB75AC37DDAC62882C53\(0--64)(120--168).design-24.txt as TLNK: _Atlantis\alien_design\ad-24.png (no need to change - it is the same)
Glidos\Textures\JC\JC2\_14_Atlantis\E06601D2B9DDCB75AC37DDAC62882C53\(192--256)(112--160).design-25.txt as TLNK: _Atlantis\alien_design\ad-25.png
Glidos\Textures\JC\JC2\_14_Atlantis\E06601D2B9DDCB75AC37DDAC62882C53\(128--192)(64--112).design-26.txt as TLNK: _Atlantis\alien_design\ad-26.png

And I have a question:
Where to get texture and audio packs for Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business (TRUB)?
There is information that they are somewhere.
But I cannot find them.

Thank you.