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I guess I'm really confused as to how unlocking works. I have four codes given to me that I have to copy "into clipboard." Do I load them all into Glidos or just one? I'm asking because Glidos can't seem to recognize it when I try just one code. And I tried copying the code both with and without "GlidosKey#:" but to no avail. I copy all four lines, and Glidos recognizes them as codes and asks me to restart Glidos. But when I do, the ID is exactly the same as before. I'm running the program as administrator and that didn't seem to solve any issues. How do I unlock Glidos if Glidos won't let me unlock?

EDIT: Well, I could have sworn that the ID I have now was the same as when I downloaded the free version, and it doesn't match the four keys I was given. But I just got to the fourth level of Peru and so far there is no Glidos logo. So am I missing something obvious and that the four keys are ALL extra keys and that I WASN'T supposed to use one of them?