Glidos is giving away accounts

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Glidos is giving away accounts

Postby MrEWhite » 2018-8-02 @ 18:05

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Re: Glidos is giving away accounts

Postby digger » 2018-8-28 @ 21:07

Wow, the author even got the original Carmageddon to work with his emulator? I remember that game being very picky back in the day and supporting only Voodoo 1 cards in Glide mode.
It was the only Glide game I know of that refused to work with Voodoo 2 cards. It's nice how this software now allows people to play the game with 3D acceleration. :happy:
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Re: Glidos is giving away accounts

Postby keropi » 2018-8-28 @ 21:57

thanks for the heads up, got a code just in case I need it in the future :)
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