Glidos TRX textures in TombATI

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Glidos TRX textures in TombATI

Postby Gambit37 » 2018-10-23 @ 15:35

Hello! Yes, it is I, Gambit of the TRX project, who has not been seen in these parts for many years. I am still alive :cool:

No, I'm not here to announce new work on TRX, sorry!

I just wanted to ask a question about the TombATI GLRage wrapper for TR, and the TRX textures. I can see that the TRX site was updated with new TombATI compatible versions of the texture packs. So I downloaded it all to check it out and realised that the conversion from TRX Glidos textures format to the format used by TombATI must have been... a huge job!

So I was wondering: Did someone do that by hand, or is there an automated tool for converting Glidos TRX Texture packs to TombATI format?
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