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was wondering how it was possible to add high res textures to tomb raider.

Cause all games already have high res textures. They just show them only when you get close to them.
Would be great if they could show them all the time not depending on distance from them.

Reply 1 of 1, by Kidd Bowyer

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Depends on how high you want 'em.

If you want to make sure the game doesn't downscale any textures, you'd want to turn off mipmapping. That's the process where textures are "shrunk" when you move away. 😀

That said, it's not gonna suddenly make the game look photo-realistic. Many of the games textures are around 64 x 64, so they can look pretty blurry on a big TV. If you want higher-def graphics, you'll need to use one of the TRXtra texture packs.