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I added 3D monitor support to Glidos (via psVoodoo) some time ago, but haven't been able to take advantage of it since I swapped to 4K monitors for work. Recently though, I've acquired a VR headset, which can simulate a huge cinema-sized 3D screen. That along with the new high-res modes I've just added to Glidos and the high-res textures from TRX produce the impression of being actually in the huge cave with a full-size high-detailed Lara.

Anyone with a VR headset wishing to try this out:

1) You must run with a 4x3 screen and you want as high a res as possible. If you have a 4K monitor, try adding a 2880x2160 custom mode. That worked for me with an Nvidia graphics card. Right-click on the desktop and select "NVIDIA Control Panel". You can find the settings in there. My monitor was happy to display on the middle 2880-wide area of its screen. Even if the monitor wont sync to it, you may be okay, because the viewing is from within VR. You just need to set up the mode, You don't need to switch to it other than for testing. Glidos will switch to it when needed. If, none of this works, you'll just have to use 1800x1200, which isn't terrible.

2) Grab the latest Glidos. I've just released version 1.54. This, at long last, allows you to type in any resolution you want into the display-settings dialog (I know. I know. You're welcome. 😀 ). In particular it has a new 2880x2160 preset. The Glidos settings are important.

Check "Full Screen"

Uncheck "Inhibit mode change". (Usually a good feature, but no good for VR viewing).

Then, under the "3D Monitor" tab:

Check "Enable stereoscopic mode"

Check "Side by Side"

Select the "Tombraider VR" preset

You can test that outside of VR to check that it switches to the selected mode and produces two side-by-side images.

3) Get a copy of "Virtual Desktop". It's on Steam. It's that that will simulate a cinema-sized screen. The settings are pretty straight-forward. You want "Half SBS" mode.

That's it. Just bring up Glidos in that environment and play. For extra convenience, there's OpenVR2Key which will map the buttons on your controllers to keyboard keys.