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I know that there are a few other games that are supported by glidos , But one that I think that would greatly benefit from glidos is SEGA'S VIRTUA FIGHTER 1 & 2. These games do not have any current 3-D support. There was a lame patch back in 98' , but has been severly out dated & is a bugger to try and hunt down on the web.....I don't know , I really have no idea how much trouble it is to do that sort of thing , but by-golly , it would be swell!!

Reply 3 of 4, by Nicht Sehr Gut

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GliDOS is a tool that allows the usage of certain DOS-based 3dfx titles to be run in Windows, it converts the DOS attempts to "talk" with DOS version of Glide and processes it in a way that allows it to use a Windows Glide wrapper instead.

Paul has added features beyond the basic 3dfx support, but that is what it does.

In the case of Virtua Fighter PC, that was software 3D only. For Virtua Fighter 2 for PC was a Windows only title that had a Direct 3D patch.

No 3dfx. Understand?