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Stiletto wrote:

Fabio - quick question: I heard Let of Glid3D fame is working on emulators now too, but I cannot remember where I heard that or what he's working on. Do you know?

Turns out I was wrong, but yes I think I found him.

Meet Let.

You can contact him here:

Use a good Japanese translator if you need to read his page (http://www.excite.co.jp/world/url/ - enter URL, choose second radio button, click large grey button - it will spawn a new window).

He's got a game called INANE there ("It is a network waging-war type 3D shooting game.") which is pretty fun once you figure out how to install it. I'm sure it's him, because it uses that goofy GAMEBIOS thingy. 😀

I'll have to tell you how I found him - plug his old homepage URL (http://i.am/let) into the Wayback Machine... (http://www.archive.org)

I hope he stops by to say hi!

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I have uploaded the OpenSource Glide I had at home to the following link:
I am almost sure that it is the same of that SF link, but you may want to download it and take a look, there are good stuff there.

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What's sourceforge? and Stiletto how much do i owe you for the soda? 🤣 ya hoser! 😁 🤣 😵 😎

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@TheMadHattta: Every heard of stuff like Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, Lycos?

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