DXGL (DDraw\D3D wrapper to OGL)

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Hi there, you someone know if works with Wine 3.0.2 (Current Stable) + "Steam For Windows" + "Ragnarok Online" ?
Because actually the wine versions superiors of Wine 1.7.4 the Game is very Slow, when i ran. i need Ragnarok don't use CPU for Generate Graphics. and use OpenGL instead.

Thanks for any useful answer you can gave me 😁

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jclampy wrote on 2012-12-22, 09:27:

Just tried 'Darius Gaiden' (DirectDraw) with no luck. ....Interesting to note that this PC port of 'Darius Gaiden' appears to run at 50FPS.
So, it would be best to have monitor in a resolution of 50Hz or a multiple like 75Hz or 100Hz, etc... instead of 60Hz

On some of my machines it stutters BADLY, on some it's better, but it's not smooth at all. Good to know!

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