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In case some Sci-Fi Aerial Combat enthusiasts still around... 😀
In recent times, I have become an author of Sci-Fi assets / templates for Unreal Engine. So, maybe if you want to make your own flying futuristic shenanigans - I can suggest this as a "starter pack" 😉
(P.S.: for those unfamiliar, Unreal Engine is free to download, use, and produce games, royalties only if incomes above 1 Mil)
https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-U … -and-flying-vol

Some videos from demo maps included in asset:

Is childhood over??? Naah... Of course not 😀

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I was about to ask about that as well when someone linked me to the Steam storepage.

A couple posts earlier in the thread Voidpoint was mentioned but I'd be very curious if the author was hired by Ziggurat to work on this as a paid project.

There's probably no way Fury³ or Hellbender will get re-released because I think Microsoft owns the IP for those two titles even though Terminal Reality was the developer. You can run the Fury³ POD files in Terminal Velocity though, you just have to write your own episode definition file for the engine to read from. And Fury³'s POD file should be loaded BEFORE Terminal Velocity's POD.

I would hope this "Boosted Edition" will still allow people to define POD load orders and new episode definitions so this trick would atleast work with it.

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This looks great. I'm really looking forward to play TV on a higher resolution. The Mac version goes up to 1024x768 which looks awesome, but emulation hasn't advanced much lately and I still haven't been able to bring my old mac back to life. The Terminal Recall engine remake also seems to have stalled with a non-working build since 09/2022.