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Hi all,

For those who are interested in the CDFM music used by the Renaissance demogroup for their productions (Amnesia and Zone 66 being the two best known), I have been sent a copy of the unreleased tracker used to compose these songs.

The tracker, which includes source code and some unreleased songs, was sent to me by Daredevil himself, and he is happy for it to go public at long last. I have written up a bit of background about how this came about, along with some instructions, so if you're interested you can read about it here. If you just want the tracker, scroll down to the second screenshot, the download link is just below it.

The tracker is still unfinished, so it may take a bit of fiddling to get working. But it's quite interesting just browsing through the archive and seeing all the unpolished things that are there from the last project they worked on.

I was amazed to find the tracker still exists, especially with the source code, so hopefully there are a few people here who will be interested as well 😀

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Thanks! I was enamored by the format and its efficient playback on a 386 w/ SB in general.

In speaking of unfinished and Zone 66, here is an unfinished ear transcription of a Zone66 song in MOD format with most of the song tracked except for toward the end where it becomes earhurt. MOD because i'm crazy and do all transcriptions in MOD. This happened around Dec 2012-Feb 2013.


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long live PCem

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Wow that's a pretty impressive transcription of the song! I wrote a program that did a direct conversion to s3m but your mod sounds so close it's not funny! Job well done there I have to say.

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Hah, excellent news! Somehow I figured that Trixter would have a hand in this. 😁 Now if we could only add OPL3 4-op mode into the mix...

Nice blog title, btw (having just registered 'int10h.org' myself)...

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