Release -New Aureal DOS Mixer Util-

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This is the exact card btw: Diamond monster sound mx300 pci sound card (p/n 23010123-004) with aureal vortex2 (au8830a2) chip

Still relatively new, but spending too much time on retro already.. 😀

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Okay I looked into it, the mixer util contains a batch file which does the AU30MIX reset command. This resets the CODEC and writes a new VDB routing table for rear channel and S/PDIF output. It's probably whats causing the MPU output to fault for some reason.
Don't use the reset command, it's not essential in your case.
Just adjust the gains like normal to what you like.

Let me know if this helped or not.
Also welcome, and thanks for checking out the mixer util.

My retro coding is currently on hiatus due to poor health reasons, I have neck issues which make sitting at a PC for any period of time extremely uncomfortable to the point I start to feel like passing out. I hope to have this corrected sometime soon as it's ruining my life and enjoyment of my retro hobbies.

I will still try and answer any PM's or replies I get on my topics, but I'm not active like I used to be.