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The old INN Revival project has been dead for some time now. The developer shut down and would not release his RE'd source code for his server. There was some attempts to repeat his efforts, but they gave up.

A completely new project has come to fruition. A while back Christopher Smith was looking for the original INN server source. He managed to contact James Leiterman, one of the old INN employees. While James did not have the server source, being between jobs he had some time and was able to reverse engineer it from the client source. The result is the INN Barn project. It is currently in beta stage, but is fully functional and most (not all) of the games work, including some that did not work in the Revival.


I have written a new installer for the INN Barn. This is from a fresh install of the INN client 2.4 (from my Torin's Passage CD) and does not contain all of the debris of the old INN Revival. It will configure the client to work with the INN Barn Proxy. All you need do is install and run it. The first time you will be able to create an INN profile for others to interact with you. Once you are through, just click "Play" and it will connect to the Barn. The first time it will assign you an ID. Click OK and the INN client will shut down. Just restart it, click play and have fun reliving the glory days of The Imagination Network.

INN Barn is a WIP with frequent updates of the proxy. Updating the proxy is easy. Just download the latest from James' site and unzip it into the installed folder, overwriting the old one. Windows security may ask you if you want to allow the Proxy access you your networks. Say yes and you are done (til the next update).


ImagiNation Network (INN) Revival Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/69704136680/

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Checked the site (http://innbarn.com) earlier today and it was "temporarily unavailable." Just checked again when I got home and now it re-directs to some random Spam site asking me to Allow Notifications.
So... is this latest INNcarnation dead again? 🙁