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DracoNihil wrote on 2021-06-06, 23:14:
Lawnie wrote on 2021-06-06, 08:04:

And of course there's Hovertank 3D, which is by the id Software boys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai3lnMPomeU

You might want to set the soundblaster type in DosBOX to sb2 or sbpro1, and the IRQ to 7 instead of 5. (Or if it's already at 5, then to 7)

And also launch the game with 5000 fixed cycles. There's supposed to be really dumb soundblaster sounds. But it's likely a combination of the SB type being "too new" and cycles being "too fast" that the sound detection refuses to work.

Thanks for the fix! You weren't kidding about the sounds being really dumb! It's at 'developer speaks into bad PC mic' levels there! I enjoyed the unenthusiastic 'yay' every time someone was run over by the Hovertank. Truly awe-inspiring.

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