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scorp wrote on 2021-11-17, 13:27:

Yes, there are two pins left, which I planned to use for that one day. As far as I know, the Gravis Firebird 2 is an analog joystick, which doesn't use any digital protocol. I don't have it, but I looked at it already, because someone asked for the support. I think that it just sends the AT keyboard buttons through the passthrough. So theoretically the GamePort Adapter can be extended with a DIN5 connector and Clk/Data can be wired to the pins 2/3. Then we can implement the AT keyboard protocol and accept the keyboard input. But as long as I don't have the joystick, it would be hard to implement it. I could theoretically start to implement the AT protocol and add an additional Port on a separate branch. As far as I know, other joysticks like Thrustmaster F-16 used similar solution, so it would be useful not only for the Gravis Firebird 2.

It seems the Firebird2 is indeed a digitally programmable device, see Re: Gravis Firebird 2

It seems that what keystrokes does a button send is somewhat programmable in the device, so that it can be used from then on as a classic analog ch flightstick+keybard macros...

So its dos utility could program it... maybe we can reverse engineer the protocol? 😀

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