My K6 III+ System

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My K6 III+ System

Postby Bancho » 2019-7-04 @ 13:24

Picked up a Asus P5A-B motherboard recently and decided to build a machine around it. Used my trusty AT case which has seen a few different builds in it now. I would like to Build a switch for FSB selection combined with Setmul for some speed flexibility. Overall really happy with the build.

Asus P5A-B 1.04 Motherboard
128mb PC100 RAM
AMD K6 III+ 450@500mhz
Innovision Mighty Banshee AGP Graphics Card
USB 2.0 Card
Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold with Simm Conn with 32mb
Reveal Sound FX Wave Opti Card with Crystal Wave Rom. (Really Impressed with this card, The Crystal Rom sounds really good)
AT Case
Pioneer DVD
80mm & 120mm Fan for cooling

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Re: My K6 III+ System

Postby mothergoose729 » 2019-7-05 @ 03:14

mmm... beige case :).

Nice board.Those things are stupid expensive these days.
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Re: My K6 III+ System

Postby keenmaster486 » 2019-7-05 @ 04:06

Ooh, put 512 MB RAM in it and you can run some heavy stuff!
I flermmed the plootash just like you asked.
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Re: My K6 III+ System

Postby feipoa » 2019-7-12 @ 11:54

A pleasantly stylish beige mini-tower. All it needs is a K6-III case badge, e.g.
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Re: My K6 III+ System

Postby NostalgicAslinger » 2019-7-17 @ 09:26

Nice to see a Retro Build with a not so often used 3dfx Voodoo Banshee! The AMD K6-III(+) is also a good partner for the Banshee. :)
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Re: My K6 III+ System

Postby pan069 » 2019-7-21 @ 05:52

Very nice looking case.

How is the 120mm fan connected? I can see something black on the top-left corner, but that's it. Does the case have a fan intake on the side? Doesn't seem it does, maybe the photo is reversed...? What PSU do you use and what OS do you run?

PS: Thinking of building something similar. I have a K6-2 450 and also an ASUS P5A-B (Ali Aladdin 5) AND a Voodoo Banshee (Ensoniq GB1000 3D Banshee 16Mb AGP)!

PS2: The one thing I don't like about this board is how the CPU socket is placed vs the AGP slot. It makes it more difficult to place a beefy cooler on the CPU.
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