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gdjacobs wrote:

Did the replace them all with polymer caps? Looks like they did a really nice job!

I actually sourced and provided the caps that were used for the repair. I'd wanted to switch to polymer, but discovered that they're not produced in one of the package sizes needed for a 1:1 swap. I'm sure they could have made them work regardless, but I figured I'd play it safe by just going with same-dimension, Panasonic "HC" series (105°/3000h) electrolytics instead.

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Good caps with a long life. Lower ESR would be cool but kind-of gilding the lily in this application. Should be good for another 10 years (or more). Nice choice!

All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder

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Nice setup indeed!

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That is a very neat little cabinet - are you the carpenter? Good thing the power switch is on the front of those, not like that silly rear switch on the MT-32.

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Very Nice. I am going to try to build a similar DOS based 486 computer but with a DOS menu that will copy over the correct Autoexec.bat, Config.sys and what ever other files I need to have loaded and then reboot the computer.

So I will have directories with all the correct files and batch files I need pre-configured.

I only need to select in the menu which sound card to load and it will copy over the connect files and over-ride the previous files in C:\ root directory and then reboot the computer.
This way I can not screw anything up and the correct config files will always be on the computer.

I only wish I had a better collection of sound cards like yours.

It's a good idea to make a backup of your config files too.

DOS Menu

Sound Card Menu

loaded = Jazz 16

Which sound card do you wish to enable ?
1) Media Vision Jazz 16
2) Media Vision Pro Spectrum 16 PAR
3) Sound Blaster Pro 2.0
4) Turtle Beach

[code][menu] (this is what will be displayed on the menu screen)
menuitem= Media Vision Jazz 16, Autoexec-001.bat
menuitem=Media Vision Pro Spectrum 16 PAR, Autoexec-002.bat
menuitem= Sound Blaster Pro 2.0, Autoexec-003.bat
menuitem= Turtle Beach, Autoexec-004.bat
menudefault=windows, 5
Copy C:\Depot\MVJazz16\Autoexec.bat C:\
Copy C:\Depot\MVJazz16\Config.sys C:\
ECHO "Reboot Computer"

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I have a desktop dell 486dx-33 with that type of motherboard too.
It stopped working also but I think its just a bad power supply. Maybe the fuse inside the PSU.
But it won’t power on any more either.

Thats to bad because I really wanted to restore that computer.
I might work on it when I get some free time.

I really liked your MIDI General and it inspired me to build a 486 computer again.

Hope you get it fixed.